Reliable moisture protection

A watermelon contains about 91% water. The smooth, hard rind protects the interior flesh from outside influences and keeps it sweet and juicy. When it comes to bulk packaging solutions, the trick is not to keep the moisture in, but to keep it out. Thanks to new developments in paper technology, paper sacks offer reliable, cost-effective protection against dampness and moisture. Such high-performance paper sacks can be stored outdoors without risking softening of the sack or clumping of the contents.

  • Depending on the specific requirements of our clients, our industry offers different paper sack constructions with glue, barrier, layer or surface concepts that provide reliable protection against moisture.
  • All moisture-proof sacks are compatible with the regular paper sack filling machines.
  • Besides moisture and water, paper sacks are able to protect contents against light, oxygen, carbon dioxide and dirt, thanks to adjustable barrier layers and surface treatments.

A reliable humidity barrier

Our industry provides many different types of moisture-proof, high-quality paper sacks with different layer and glue concepts, depending on the specific requirements. Read more …

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