Grand Prix 2023


In Verona, the innovative spirit among the EUROSAC member companies was high: the prestigious Grand Prix Award saw an overwhelming participation of 11 entries from six companies. The Award honours those innovations that add the most value to the industry’s customers and the environment. “It was hard to pick the winners among these very different entries. They all show that our industry advances on a high level not only towards requirements imposed by legislation but also towards market needs,” said jury president Herbert Rode. The Gold Award was presented to Saccarta for their innovation Window Valve Bag. “The solution has a high practical relevance, and holds many advantages for the end user and the environment. Added to that, it can be used for a variety of products from different segments,” explains Rode about the jury’s decision.

Gold Award

The Gold Award was given to Window Valve Bag from Saccarta. This bag a logical evolution of their successful open mouth window bag. A window in the paper sack construction allows the end user to see the product inside. The sack is the sustainable alternative to traditional plastic valve sacks. According to Saccarta, it offers an 80% reduction of the environmental impact compared to plastic sacks as well as lower recycling costs. Due to its breathability, the risk of contamination is minimised. Customers also benefit from higher filling speeds, easier palletisation and improved printability.

Silver Award

The Silver Award went to dy-pack for the dydry pack. The packaging for planting granulates is made almost entirely from paper and can hold moisture inside while it is dry on the outside. This way, it maintains and safeguards the moisture level of the product. The sack has an excellent CO2 footprint and is designed for recycling, according to dy-pack. It can be filled on existing packaging machines and features a watertight construction.

Bronze Award

The Bronze Award was shared by two product developments that tackle the challenge to replace fossil-based plastic with a renewable paper-based solution: Performance White Barrier from Billerud and EcoLayer from Klabin.

The coated barrier sack paper Performance White Barrier from Billerud replaces slitted and perforated films used as moisture barrier in paper sacks. It can easily be transitioned in the current supply chain without changes in the production equipment. Producers benefit from a dust-free and fully recyclable sack as well as from the reduction of plastic, fossil content and CO2 emissions.

The second Bronze Award was given to Klabin for EcoLayer, a sustainable paper sack solution with a double barrier made by different layers of resin paper, developed for the fertiliser market. This dual protection keeps the bagged product free from moisture absorption. The resin paper is recyclable and repulpable, without generating residues during the process according to Klabin. The solution reduces the use of fossil-based plastic film and the costs of post-consumer packaging recycling processes.


Public Choice Award

The audience’s favourite was Mondi’s Protector Bag ExpandForm. It won the Public Choice Award. This paper bag has an expandable feature to safely pack mattresses, bedding and upholstery. It replaces the current plastic packaging with a flexible and recyclable alternative. The solution is customisable and can expand to different sizes. It is made with Mondi’s kraft paper, which is responsibly sourced and renewable, and can be recycled, contributing to a circular economy. Moreover, it is suitable for printing, puncture-resistant and breathable.


Industry Special Award

Special recognition was given to Next from Alier in the form of the Industry Special Award. The company presented 100% recycled semi-extensible paper for sacks made 100% from post-consumer paper and cartons, including beverage bricks. Thus, the solution reduces waste and greenhouse gas emissions, while giving a second life to these materials. It is designed to be durable and tear-resistant, can be customised for different products, and meets the regulatory requirements for sustainable packaging solutions.


Further Entrants

Among the other Grand Prix entries was Fabrik by Alier, which is a durable 100% recycled paper that is crafted from a unique blend of textile waste and post-consumer beverage cartons. Primarily utilised for shopping bags, the usability is being tested for other markets such as e-commerce, the fast food industry and sack paper production.

Klabin entered the Grand Prix also with their e-commerce and delivery solution Antiviral e-BAG. The paper packaging contains an organic-based antiviral agent with proven efficacy in inactivating and destroying viral genetic material. At the same time, it maintains the recyclability and biodegradability properties of paper.


Made from an innovative paper based on eucalyptus fibres with high mechanical resistance, Carry EukaBAG from Klabin is a sustainable paper sack for heavy products. It can be filled easily without a filling machine through the open mouth of the sack. An additional paper closes the open end and prevents leakage of the bagged product. Thanks to its handle, the sack offers good ergonomics.


With circularity for used paper bags, Mondi, together with other partners, is successfully piloting the collection and recycling of used paper sacks from the building sector. The circular model includes the participation of customers, construction companies, specialised collectors and recyclers. It is implemented in Spain and Austria and can easily be rolled out to other EU countries and industries.  


The Customer-Oriented Bags Standardisation Tool (COBST) is a digital application developed by Mondi. It allows customers to standardise their portfolio according to their needs by performing feasibility tests and calculating optimal pallet layouts. The entire process is fast, simple and intuitive. The result is a less complex portfolio which saves space, time, money and is good for the environment.


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