Eurosac Publications 05.09.2018

The carbon footprint of paper cement sacks is 2.5 times smaller than the carbon footprint of form-fill-seal (FFS) polyethylene cement sacks. This is the outcome of a comparative study by the Swedish...

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Eurosac Publications 29.11.2017

Comparing the results from 2007 to those from 2015, the European kraft paper and paper sack industry made further improvements to its carbon footprint.

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Eurosac Publications 27.06.2017

These handling recommendations are intended to help fillers identify aspects of their operations where they may be able to improve practices and thereby reduce, or even eliminate, damage to paper sack...

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Eurosac Publications 06.05.2016

These Industry Guidelines contain established technical methods on how to obtain a dust-free paper sack after filling with cement or similar building materials.

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Eurosac News 26.03.2015

A market research survey was commissioned by The European Paper Sack Research Group, ESG, in order to understand the key influencing and motivating factors behind cement filler preferences that may...

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Eurosac Publications 19.05.2014

The new Eurosac Brochure is now available at the Eurosac office!

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Eurosac Publications 23.02.2014

This powerpoint presentation can be used as a guide by the paper sack manufacturers to facilitate the transition to the new pictograms.

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Food contact 01.11.2013

Available in 4 languages

Based on compliance with the EU legal status as per 2013-11-01

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Eurosac Publications 01.12.2009

Discover the Eurosac Brochure "Building Sustainability"...

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Eurosac Publications 08.05.2008

In 2006, Eurosac ran an inquiry among its members on "Printing Problems".

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