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Wood fibres are experiencing a renaissance as a material. Against the backdrop of the current EU bioeconomy strategy and the fight against climate change, the renewable raw material paper replaces other materials, and enters areas of application and functionality that have never been associated with paper before. Of course, this ongoing trend also affects the packaging market to a great extent. Safeguarding sustainable sourcing and material availability, for today’s as well as for future generations, is more relevant than ever. Adding to that, the industry’s need to work towards a circular bioeconomy speeds up improvements of the packaging’s quality, performance and environmental impact.

Shaping a renewable future with fibre-based packaging

From providing a perfect product protection and projecting a brand image, to meeting growing requirements in terms of corporate sustainability targets, the choice of the right packaging becomes increasingly important for producers of dry powdery materials. Our two-part webinar series focuses on the potential that fibre-based packaging offers to them: from the sustainable sourcing practices in Europe to the advantages of the material – for today’s packaging solutions as well as for tomorrow’s optimisations.


We will discuss with our audience why fibre-based materials and solutions are the perfect choice:

  • when you are looking for a packaging solution that caters to all the requirements posed on modern packaging and is sustainably sourced at the same time
  • when you want to use a material with potential for future developments
  • when you are unsure if paper is the right packaging material for you


Look forward to exciting impulses, insights and interesting discussions with other industry specialists!


Part 1: Sustainable forest management at the heart of the European kraft paper and paper sack industry

In the first webinar, you got facts and insights about:

  • what sustainability means and how it connects to the forest industry
  • different approaches of sustainable forest management in Europe
  • legislation and controlling by EU regulations and certification bodies, including country-specific examples
  • what fillers should know when looking for packaging made from sustainably sourced material
  • development of availability of paper today and in the future

The Referents

Piotr Borkowski - Executive Director at European State Forest Association (EUSTAFOR)

Since September 2012, Piotr Borkowski facilitates the cooperation and experience exchange among Europe’s state forest management organisations and coordinates state forest advocacy concerning forest-related policy developments at both EU and pan-European levels. Previously, Mr Borkowski worked in the Polish State Forest dealing with forest management, including forest fire prevention. Subsequently, he worked for the forestry department at the Ministry of Environment of Poland as Head of the Liaison Unit Warsaw of the Ministerial Conference on the Protection of Forests in Europe (MCPFE) (currently Forest Europe). Before joining EUSTAFOR, he worked for the European Commission (DG Agriculture and Rural Development), concentrating on forest-related policies in the EU.

Per Funkquist - Director Sustainability and Communication Wood Supply, Billerud

Per Funkquist has worked in different positions in Billerud: manager in field purchase, transportation and import. During the last ten years he has been responsible for sustainability, forest certification and communication to forest owners and customers.

Part 2: The innovative potential of fibre-based solutions

In this webinar, we discussed

  • unique features of fibre-based solutions and their innovative power
  • which advantages modern kraft papers offer already today when filling, storing and transporting dry bulk materials (including a live demonstration)
  • how the versatility of paper is used to create paper packaging solutions fit for present and future demands

The Referents

Robert Westarp - HAVER & BOECKER Institute

Robert Westarp has worked for HAVER & BOECKER for 20 years. Twelve years ago, he joined the HAVER & BOECKER Institute where he is responsible for product analyses and the conducting of packing tests. He has great expertise in designing the packing machine according to each individual product, packaging material and solution.

Dr. Martin Zahel - Head of Business Division Fibres & Composites, Papiertechnische Stiftung (PTS)

After his PhD studies in Chemistry, Martin Zahel started as a project leader in the field of advanced chemical modification of pulp fibres and polysaccharide materials at PTS in 2014. In 2017, he became head of the Composites & Modification department, and since 2020 he has headed the Fibres & Composites business division. His professional focus is on the development of novel cellulose-based materials and the corresponding process technology as well as the optimised use of additives and fillers in the paper industry.

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