Grand Prix 2022

In Bilbao, the industry honoured the innovations that added the most value to their customers. “The decision wasn’t easy. All five solutions show the expertise of our industry to constantly meet customer’s and society’s changing needs with our products,” said jury president Herbert Rode. The innovation with the most potential for the whole industry saw the jury with Tidy by dy-pack. “It receives the Gold Award because it fulfils many requirements of modern packaging at the same time, and can be used for valve sacks in a wide range of customer segments.

The Gold Award went to Tidy from dy-pack. It is a new construction to create leakage-free paper bags using a novel glue application technique. The glue is applied in a uniform manner which closes all loopholes and micro channels in the sack that were formerly nearly impossible to close. Leakages are thus minimized to almost zero, which further reduces dust during filling. This leads not only to better health conditions and more hygiene in the working environments, but also prolongs shelf life and enables reduced plastic barriers as well as a cleaner product presentation.

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The kraft paper waste bag won the Silver Award, and is in development by Nordic Paper in collaboration with the converter Jonsac, the municipality Karlstad and Paper Province. It aims to offer an environmentally friendly, paper-based alternative to plastic bags for non-recyclable household waste. The waste bag is sealable and made of strong kraft paper, so that it is cleaner to dispose of and easier to handle by the garbage collectors. It is also recyclable and biodegradable. The bag has recently been tested in selected households. As the trials went very well, its development will be continued.

The eco-friendly paper sack based on sugar beet fibre by Crown Van Gelder, Fiorini Packaging and Novidon received the Bronze Award as well as the Public Choice Award. The sack consists of three layers of Crown Native paper from Crown Van Gelder: 20% of the virgin wood fibre of this paper is replaced by local Dutch residual sugar beet fibre, which reduces the environmental footprint by 16%. The potato-starch-based paper sack glue is made by Novidon. With those components, Fiorini Packaging produces an open mouth sack, which is not only food safe, but also recyclable, compostable and perfectly printable.

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Gascogne presented their new GascoGreen Natur’All. Instead of an HDPE film, the sack has a coating for moisture protection. Less than 2% of the material for the final sack comes from fossil origin, thus resulting in a plastic-free, environmentally friendly packaging solution. The sack is suitable for contact with food and can be easily recycled, thanks to the absence of the free film.

Klabin presented the EkoMix dispersible bag for building materials. It is a brown kraft paper sack that can be fully incorporated into the concrete preparation process. This reduces waste disposal at the construction site and costs for logistics and reprocessing. The sack is made from renewable materials and offers an ecological and sustainable packaging option for cement and concrete sacks.

Grand Prix 2021

The industry honoured innovations on barriers/bio-barriers and towards even more sustainability. “Once again, this year’s entries showed us how much potential and innovative strength our industry has – not only for today but also for the future,” said jury president Matthias Becker-Gröning when opening the award ceremony. “With eight exciting submissions, the decision was not easy for me and my jury colleagues.” As a “real game changer that increases the use of paper,” the jury selected the EcoWicketBag by Mondi for the Gold Award. “This development can be implemented very quickly and responds to our industry’s objectives to produce more environmentally friendly bags,” explained Becker-Gröning about the jury’s choice. Furthermore, the jury assigned an Industry Special Award for an invention which benefited the whole industry.

The Gold Award was presented to Mondi for EcoWicketBag. It is a paper-based alternative to the plastic wicket bags for daily hygiene articles such as nappies, toilet paper and kitchen tissues. Made from durable kraft paper in various sizes, EcoWicketBag keeps the products inside protected, while being recyclable in paper waste streams. This innovative product opens the door to paper-based packaging in the hygiene industry and it will be further developed.

The Silver Award went to dy-pack for gardyan, a brand-new paper sack for potting soil. It manages the challenge to pack soil with a moisture content of more than 50% and to protect it from the development of mould, sprouting of seeds and drying out, while at the same time guaranteeing a long shelf life. This 100% plastic-free sack is made from fibres from sustainable forestry, recyclable in paper waste streams and home-compostable. A well-thought-out solution that will open new markets for the industry.

Novidon received the Bronze Award for its sustainable paper sack adhesive Novinexx CPB Premium which has a carbon footprint that is more than 50% lower than traditional starch adhesives. Novinexx CPB Premium is made from side-stream potato starch. This makes it highly sustainable and also readily biodegradable according to the OECD 301 norm. Developed for the latest technologies, it can be used on roller and nozzle applicators, and decreases the splash behaviour and drying time. Other benefits of the product are less cleaning time, no paper penetration, high bonding strength and shorter setting time compared to conventional starch glues.

The Industry Special Award was given to Haver & Boecker for the Seal Calculator. It relates to a very large proportion of the European paper sack market using ultrasonic valve-sealing technology and touches the value chain from different angles. It is an interactive tool with which all influencing factors for improving the usage of seal technology are reported. This gives orientation for individual adjustments and decisions.

The Public Choice Award went to MoistShield® by Fiorini. MoistShield® is a special patented waterproof treatment which can be applied to any Fiorini sack to give it hydrophobic properties. MoistShield® is a plastic-free sack and, thanks to an environmentally friendly coating, the sack remains an ecological and recyclable product. The water is not retained by the paper but slips away due to the high surface tension. MoistShield® provides sacks with a longer shelf life and allows for high-quality printing.

Gascogne Sacs introduced GascoGreen PROTECT, a pinch bottom and SOS paper sack for the pet food market. It is a recyclable packaging all over Europe thanks to a high fiber content in line with the highest demands of paper and cardboard recyclers. Its optimal fiber performance allows the economic valorisation of recycling. The sack offers properties never obtained before namely a longer shelf life.

Brazil-based Klabin presented ECO Layer, a repulpable and recyclable barrier solution. It consists in a resinous paper with aqueous dispersion of polymers with additives, free of fluorine.  The ECO layer maintains the safety and protection of the bagged product and has a longer shelf life.

ERO Gluing Systems presented an efficient non-contact gluing solution for paper sacks that enables saving more than 50% of glue, total elimination of the residual glue disposing cost, heavy reduction of the set-up time, easy maintenance and cleaning operations.

Grand Prix 2019

EUROSAC introduced gold, silver and bronze categories and a public choice Grand Prix award for the first time. The jury was particularly impressed with the wide range of the innovations submitted – services, raw materials and paper sack products. It chose the “secure-seal” carrier bag for food deliveries from Smith Anderson as the gold winner. “The best innovations are those that meet a particular need and offer value to the user,” explained jury president Mark van der Merwe the jury’s decision. “The seal technology from Smith Anderson met the user’s need for security and reuse in a simple and innovative way without negatively impacting the aesthetic aspects of the packaging. It is also fully recyclable and biodegradable, fitting neatly with current end-of-life and sustainability requirements.”

The Gold Award was presented to Smith Anderson for its reusable, recyclable and biodegradable "secure-seal" paper carrier bag. It was developed for a big fast-food chain to combat undetected regular theft of small parts of foodservice delivery meals. A paper handle patch below the main handle structure was equipped with a double-sided adhesive tape, securing the bag’s sides together. A broken seal is easily visible to the customer on delivery – but doesn’t destroy the bag or handle area.

Double Grand Prix Award winner was dy-pack: The German-based company won the Bronze and Public Choice Award for Vardy. The highly efficient barrier coating on the inside of the sack’s outer layer provides state-of-the-art water vapour protection. Vardy is an environmentally friendly alternative to PE-film and suitable for direct food contact. It allows easy recycling in the paper waste stream and is compostable according to DIN 13432.

Mondi presented a new platform for smooth business processes: myMondi is the only all-in-one digital customer platform for paper sacks worldwide. The platform offers numerous functions and information with few clicks such as stock reports, order history and status overview, invoices overview and filtering, certificates, detailed product specifications. It is simple to use and navigate, available 24/7 and gives customers full transparency about their products and orders, anytime and anywhere.

Grand Prix 2018

Among five great innovations, Mondi was awarded the EUROSAC Grand Prix 2018 trophy for its sustainable packaging solution “MailerBAG” for courier express shipments. “It brings a positive effect to many people and, at the same time, demonstrates the further potential of industrial bags,” explained jury president Mikko Rautiainen.

With MailerBAG, Mondi introduced a bag that minimises logistics costs, accelerates the packaging processes in the logistics centres of the e-commerce industry and offers high-end branding opportunities. It is made of one ply high-performance sack kraft paper with a double adhesive strip with a release liner on the flap allowing the end consumer to reuse the bag to return any unwanted items hassle-free.

dy-pack presented Foody, a dust-proof and watertight paper sack with a high barrier film for valuable food powders. With Foody, there is no contact between paper and product. It allows filling of products with a high fat and moisture content as well as pastes and creams on all existing open-mouth filling machines at high production speeds. Due to the high flexibility in production and subsequently wide availability of such bags, planning cycles and delivery times can be reduced. The sack provides good recyclability due to the easy separation of the film.

Haver & Boecker introduced The Intelligent Aeration. The system controls the various aeration positions during the filling process automatically. It ensures that there is only as little air as necessary in the sack and the product. This results in an easier operation as no manual pressure adjustments are necessary. At the same time, the system reduces operating costs and tearing rates and enables a cleaner filling.

HP introduced the advantages of a Digitally Printed Bag with the example of the South Korean company Seejong. With the HP PageWide T400S press, Seejong can economically produce digitally printed liners on short and medium runs with great visual appeal. The possibility to create different versions – whether language, seasonal or special promotions – allows for even more differentiation from the competition without any waste or having to hold any stock.

BioPinch by Mondi is a biodegradable and compostable paper-based pinch bottom sack for pet food. It consists of one or more layers of paper as an outer ply and an inner ply of biodegradable PLA coating that allows the sack to be sealed without compromising its compostability and functions as an excellent grease and oil barrier. The sack has good tear resistance and offers an increased printable area for better branding.

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