Market-oriented innovation

In a world of rapid change, sustainable growth means functioning perfectly in the current environment without compromising the quality of life of future generations. In the paper sack industry, we are increasingly offering tailor-made packaging solutions to meet different customer needs. We regard ourselves as a development partner, working alongside our customers and supporting them with our extensive packaging know-how and industry expertise. Our focus is on designing individual and natural packaging solutions that best suit their particular product as well as their economic interests. In this way, we aim to create added value for them and for their end customers. Thanks to our continuous optimisation efforts, the technology inside the paper sack has evolved tremendously over the past two decades:

  • The porosity of sack kraft paper, the main raw material used in the paper sacks, has been improved by almost 30%, while its strength has been increased by 45%. This results in very high filling speeds and a cost-efficient filling process.
  • The improved strength has reduced paper consumption per sack by 25%, adding to the environmental credentials of paper sacks.
  • With further enhancements in sack construction and design, paper sacks have become versatile, market-oriented packaging solutions with state-of-the-art performance that meet customers’ individual requirements and are in keeping with sustainable development.


State-of-the-art packaging solutions

The industry’s latest innovations are presented each year at the EUROSAC Grand Prix Award ceremony. The main criterion of the competition is that ... Read more

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