Strong product protection

The coconut shell is one of the hardest organic materials produced by nature. Inspired by its performance, we continuously invest in the development of innovative packaging solutions that combine strong product protection with excellent environmental sustainability. High-quality sack kraft paper is made from 100% natural fibres from European forests. They give our paper sacks a unique strength, allowing brand owners to optimise packaging weight while still maintaining reliable product protection in a wide range of conditions. The following characteristics – optimised strength, material efficiency and low product loss – improve the environmental performance of paper sacks even further:

  • The sack kraft paper is produced from a high-quality raw material, with fibres from slow-growing trees. This makes the fibres extremely long and strong. A special arrangement of the long fibres in the paper results in a high binding capacity, which gives the sack kraft paper its strength.
  • Thanks to continuous research and development, the strength of sack kraft paper has increased by 45% in recent years. As a result, the amount of paper needed for the same quantity of filling material can be cut by up to 25%.
  • Since sack kraft paper is an elastic material, paper sacks can absorb a certain amount of shocks and bumps without being affected.
  • Paper sacks show low damage rates from point of fill to point of sale, according to the results of a recent investigation conducted by the Swedish research and technology institute Innventia. The product losses that do occur (less than 1–2%) are mostly the result of poor handling practices at retail sites and can be easily avoided by informing and educating the relevant staff.

Tight sealing for higher product protection

By paying special attention to clean packaging of paper sacks, the product protection offered by paper sacks can even be raised.

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