"The most efficient packaging solution"

The natural properties of paper sacks offer considerable efficiency advantages, resulting in lower total costs, as well as smoother and quicker processes when compared to alternative sack packaging. Stina Blombäck, Senior Adviser at CEPI Eurokraft and EUROSAC, explains.

Stina, what makes paper sacks so efficient?
Stina Blombäck: Among the most important reasons is the natural characteristic of sack kraft paper – the porosity. Acting as a filter material, it enables the air used in the filling process for dry bulk goods to escape very quickly. This allows filling speeds that are three times higher than those of non-paper sacks which are not porous. At present, paper sacks are the most efficient packaging solution with regard to filling capacity. Also in terms of machinery investments, paper sacks are a cost-effective choice.

Why is that?
Stina Blombäck: One paper sack filling machine produces the same amount of filled sacks as three non-paper filling machines. Moreover, the machinery needed to fill non-paper sacks is much more complex than for paper sacks: extra systems are needed to extract the air that cannot escape through the material during the filling process. In fact, the investment required is four to five times higher than for paper sack filling machines as a result. Thanks to the uncomplicated construction of a paper sack filling machine, the machine set-up when changing sacks is quick.

What about the later stages in the supply chain?
Stina Blombäck: Porosity also has efficiency benefits during transport and storage. As the air escapes easily from paper packaging, palletisation is typically easier and more efficient than for non-paper sacks. This results in lower heights for the same tonnage, making it possible to achieve greater loads on containers and trucks.

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