The Paper Bag initiates first European Paper Bag Day

25.09.2018 Press releases

Stockholm/Paris, 25 September 2018. “The Paper Bag” platform, Europe’s leading kraft paper manufacturers’ and paper bags producers’ association, springs into action by launching the VERY FIRST European Paper Bag Day on 18 October 2018. The annual action day aims to raise awareness among consumers about paper carrier bags as sustainable and efficient packaging of the future that contributes to fighting environmental pollution. “The Paper Bag” is looking forward to the first event in 2018.

Paper carrier bags are strong and reliable shopping companions for all occasions. They carry almost anything up to 12 kg – whether food, fashion, luxury or decorative items and electronics. Due to the bags’ strength, the contents are optimally protected – and they can be reused several times. Paper bags also have convincing environmental benefits. They are made from renewable raw materials, are recyclable and biodegradable. “By celebrating the European Paper Bag Day, we want to highlight the benefits of paper bags and invite consumers to combine their packaging choices with a good conscience for the environment,” explains Elin Gordon, Secretary General of CEPI Eurokraft. “With our activities, we want to start a dialogue with consumers about paper packaging and give them revealing facts and create impulses for taking action to fight climate change and environmental pollution.”

Paper bags foster a sustainable future
In Europe, the cellulose fibre that is used as raw material to produce paper bags is bio-based and drawn from sustainably managed European forest areas. Forests provide an important contribution to fighting climate change: The average annual sequestration of carbon in European forest biomass reaches 719 million tonnes of CO2 . This offsets the total fossil CO2 emissions generated annually by a country like Germany . The paper bags’ long fibres also make them a good source for recycling. On average, the fibres are reused 3.5 times in Europe . Recycling paper means reducing emissions and is a further contribution to climate protection. Moreover, if a paper bag ends up in the environment or in sea by mistake, it degrades in a short period of time and does not harm any sea life. “In a world facing changing requirements due to globalisation, climate change and a scarcity of raw materials, a growing number of consumers engage in living a healthy and sustainable lifestyle,” says Gordon. “Using paper bags is an expression of this modern lifestyle that helps in fighting climate change and reducing plastic waste in our environment. With the European Paper Bag Day, we want to convince more people to act responsibly and use, reuse and recycle paper bags. Taking responsibility for the environment can be that simple.”

How to participate
All communications activities taking place around the action day will be communicated on the social media channels of the “The Paper Bag” under the hashtag #EuropeanPaperBagDay: on the Facebook fan page “Performance powered by nature” and the LinkedIn profiles of EUROSAC and CEPI Eurokraft. Consumers are invited to participate in the discussions, using the hashtag.

The “The Paper Bag” platform was founded in 2017 by the leading European kraft paper manufacturers and producers of paper bags. They dedicate themselves to promoting the advantages of paper packaging. “The Paper Bag” is steered by the organisations CEPI Eurokraft and EUROSAC.

For further information, please visit
or contact Elin Gordon: +46 (0)8 783 8485, info[at]thepaperbag[dot]org

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