EUROSAC note on corona

13.03.2020 Eurosac News

The corona virus is further spreading around the world and many countries have now taken drastic measures to keep it under control. It is a very tough situation also for the industry – to protect the people, but also to keep the business running. In these difficult times, solidarity is key!

Transposing this to EUROSAC, the aims of our federation are the safeguarding and promotion of the European multiwall paper sack industry, the defense of its professional and economic interests, the respect for free exchange within the best business practices and the maintenance of mutual respect amongst Members.

On behalf of our organization we would therefore like to remind all players involved that the respect of business rules and respect of colleagues should be the driver for all behavior during this period.

We’re all in the same boat!

In the meantime, please stay safe.

Olivier Tassel, President  &  Catherine Plitzko-Kerninon, General Delegate

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