Who we are

Created in 1952, EUROSAC is the European Federation headquartered in Paris, rallying the European multiwall paper sack industry.

What we do

For over half a century, EUROSAC has exerted itself in the safeguarding and promotion of its members’ business sector by undertaking distinctive actions.

The Federation surveys and examines activities and initiatives in the areas of interest for our industry whether technical or environmental and actively contributes to these prevalent topics and emerging issues.

In terms of lobbying and research, the organisation works closely with CEPI Eurokraft in the ESPACE Programme (Environmental Strategy Programme and Communication EUROSAC/CEPI Eurokraft). Together we provide valuable guidelines, studies and infographics, among others: LCI & Carbon Footprint, Food Contact, Dust Free Paper Sacks, etc.

EUROSAC represents a forum for its members to define common positions and a place of exchange of skill and knowledge, all the while fully complying with the rules set in Article 101 of the TFEU (Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union).


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