• The Amazing Paper Sacks of Dr. Strong and Mr. Wright


    How does an industrial paper sack perform in terms of handling and product protection ? The film by EUROSAC and CEPI Eurokraft shows what happens when their natural packaging solutions are exposed to extreme test situations.

  • Paper sacks : Perfect product protection and low damage rates

    A recent investigation conducted by the Swedish research and technology institute Innventia has found very low damage rates to paper sacks on the way from the filler to the retail store. Most product losses occur due to poor handling practices at retail sites and can be avoided by informing and educating the responsible staff. Download the press release.

  • Impressive environmental results for paper sacks

    Between 2007 and 2012, the European kraft paper and paper sack industry significantly improved its carbon footprint. This is the conclusion reached by a recent study conducted by Innventia. The most important results are shown in an infographic. Download the press release.

  • Continuous Innovation to Meet Customer Needs

    The EUROSAC Grand Prix Award was granted at this year’s EUROSAC Congress, “The Paper Sack in 2015 – Modern, High Tech, Innovative”, recognizing the members’ efforts in innovation.Download the press release.

  • Paper Sacks: No 1 choice for cement fillers

    Press Release A new market research study by Innventia AB, a Swedish research and technology institute, has revealed that paper cement sacks offer considerable cost and efficiency benefits for fillers and are also seen as a more environmentally sound product, when compared with plastic sacks.

    Download the press release

The video by EUROSAC and CEPI Eurokraft shows how we intuitively distinguish between...
Press Release EUROSAC CEPI Eurokraft Paper sack innovations for present and future needs ...

The reasons are simple and come NATURALLY!

Paper sacks are part of the bio-based economy - Sustainable materials. They are part of a carbon absorbing value chain and are ressource efficient.

And that's just the beginning!


build sustainability
Building Sustainability means caring for the enviroment and our business. It means caring for the present and future needs. It implies continuing to use ressources wisely all the while ever more diminishing our carbon footprint.
Set up in 1952, EUROSAC is an Association between the European manufacturers of multiwall paper sack manufacturers for the promotion and development of the paper sack industry in Europe.