Film: Russell the spruce

Meet Russell the spruce and discover a part of his life and dreams. 

Russell lives in a sustainably managed forest, absorbs CO2 and releases O2 thanks to photosynthesis and is thus part of a carbon absorbing value chain. During his manufacture to become an industrial kraft paper sack he will have a low fossil carbon footprint and will continue to store carbon during his lifetime.

As a fiber based packaging, Russell is part of a bio-based economy. Russell is anxious to be a multiwall paper bag for not only is he the best alternative and a most efficient packaging solution, he will also be made of close to 100% natural & renewable fibers. Not to mention that once his career is done, as he is made of kraft paper, he will represent a valuable source of fiber for the recycling industry or will be used to produce energy.

Share the video with your friends, family and work colleagues. The video is now available in 8 languages!

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Russell el abeto


Russell en Granplanta


Tomek Świerk


Ёлка Зелёнка

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