Film: Eurosac The paper sack manufacturing process

The movie shows the full process of the paper sack manufacturing, from the growing of wood in sustainably managed forests to the use of paper sacks on a production site.

Long strong virgin fibers are used for the production of Kraft paper. A single sheet of Kraft paper can even lift a car! The Kraft paper is printed with up to 10 water soluble ink colors. Different layers of Kraft paper and films are glued together and formed into a tube. This tube is then cut and the bottoms are folded to become valve, pinch or open mouth sacks.

Valve sacks are filled at high speed and are closed securely, thus ensuring a hygienic and dust free environment. A small amount of paper safely packs and efficiently protects cement, food, animal feed, chemicals, etc. 
Paper sacks can be recycled, composted or transformed into energy after use and are a high performance, natural and environmentally friendly packaging solution.


Eurosac Papiersack - Herstellung


Eurosac La fabrication d'un sac papier

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