The Paper Packaging Industry’s view on the Circular Economy Legislative Package

02.12.2015 Industry Publications

The Paper Packaging Coordination Group comprises the major European paper and board packaging associations¹ which represent the interests of a wide range of packaging products used in transport, retail and consumer packaging. Paper and board packaging is based on a renewable resource (the forest) and is recyclable. We support the concept of a Circular Economy in which raw materials are sourced from renewable, responsibly managed resources and where possible, recycled after use.

The members of our associations are directly affected by proposals in the Circular Economy legislative package published today, which amend the waste and packaging waste legislation. We will submit our detailed responses to specific proposals when we have had time to study them, but meanwhile we wish to present our joint approach on the major topics which affect us:

1. Recycling targets for paper and board

2. Need to revise the calculation method before setting new targets

3. Design of packaging

4. Composition of municipal waste

5. Minimum requirements for Extended Producer Responsibility

6. Landfill and incineration of waste

7. Ecodesign and product design

8. Renewability of material resources

We particularly welcome the consideration of the role of the bioeconomy in Circular Economy thinking, as we have strongly advocated that sustainable, natural, renewable resources play an essential role in completing the loop of a Circular Economy.

For further information please read the Paper Packaging Coordination Group’s position paper on the Circular Economy package.

The Paper Packaging Industry’s view

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