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06.09.2016 Press releases

New video demonstrates that intuition gives good guidance in industry decisions

Paris/Stockholm, 6 September 2016: Good choices come naturally. So why not simply do the right thing when looking for sustainable packaging? This is the decisive question asked in the new video launched recently by EUROSAC and CEPI Eurokraft. It demonstrates how we intuitively know what to do in different situations to accomplish our objectives – whether on a date, at the supermarket or in terms of a sustainable lifestyle and development. There is no reason to act differently in a professional context.

The video “Good choices come naturally” revolves around the small choices that make a difference in daily life. By showing antagonistic scenes in a split screen and addressing the audience directly, the video engages and involves the viewers: they automatically make up their own minds to decide what would be the right thing to do in the shown situation. In this way, the video illustrates that people take decisions in life because they instinctively know to distinguish good from bad and right from wrong. So why not do the right thing when looking for sustainable packaging? The final question at the end of the video suggests: paper sacks are naturally the ecological packaging solution.

Paper sacks offer many benefits in terms of sustainable development: among other reasons, they are made from 100% renewable fibres, are sourced from sustainably managed forests and are an excellent source of fibre for the recycling industry. At the same time, the sack kraft paper and paper sack industry continuously develops high-performing, innovative solutions to suit their customers’ needs. “With the video, we want to inform producers and fillers of dry bulk goods that paper sacks are clearly the best packaging option,” explains Luis Elorriaga, chairman of EUROSAC. “Especially if they are looking for cost-effective packaging solutions that provide sound product protection along the entire supply chain without compromising the quality of life of future generations.” The video is part of the EUROSAC and CEPI Eurokraft communication campaign “Performance powered by nature”.

Click here to watch “Good choices come naturally” or to learn more about “Performance powered by nature”.


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Fact Sheet - Paper sacks: the natural packaging choice

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