Paper sacks are the No 1 choice for cement fillers

26.03.2015 Press releases

A new market research study by Innventia AB, a Swedish research and technology institute, has revealed that paper cement sacks offer considerable cost and efficiency benefits for fillers and are also seen as a more environmentally sound product, when compared with plastic sacks.

The study by Innventia AB shows that fillers have a lower pack cost and a higher filling speed when using paper sacks in their production line. With a higher filling speed, the efficiency of the filling machines increases and more cement sacks are produced within the same period of time.

The fillers in the market study stress that a paper sack is more beneficial from an environmental perspective, since it is produced from renewable material and production has a much better environmental performance.

“This is definitely a benefit for the paper sack industry. The filling machines can run much faster with paper sacks meaning overall efficiency is much higher and fewer filling lines are needed,” comments Stina Blombäck, Senior Adviser at CEPI Eurokraft and EUROSAC, the associations that commissioned the market study. “The results from this study confirm what the paper industry has stated before: paper sacks are the best option for cement fillers,” she adds.


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