Entertaining Video shows amazing performance of paper sacks

13.10.2015 Press releases

“The Amazing Paper Sacks of Dr. Strong and Mr. Wright” is the title of the new video which has just been launched by EUROSAC and CEPI Eurokraft. It entertainingly shows how well the natural packaging solutions of the European kraft paper and paper sack industry perform, even under extreme conditions.

The film is set in the top-secret product development area of the European kraft paper and paper sack industry where visitors are usually not allowed. An exception is made for a special visitor: a new customer. The entire film is staged from his perspective.

This customer meets the professor from the research and product development centre, Dr. Strong, who proudly and with extreme dedication explains important facts about paper sacks to him. To prove some of the excellent performance features of paper sacks, he involves his devoted assistant Mr. Wright in some spontaneous demonstrations. In the process, he not only puts the paper sacks’ load limit to the test, but also his assistant’s good nature.

“The paper sack industry is constantly working on innovative and high-performance packaging solutions,” says Stina Blombäck, Senior Adviser, CEPI Eurokraft and EUROSAC.

“With this entertaining video, we want to inform our audience that paper sacks are very strong performers: they are easy to handle, offer good product protection due to their strength and moisture resistance and, last but not least, are a natural product made from sustainable resources.” The video is part of the EUROSAC and CEPI Eurokraft communication campaign launched under the umbrella “Performance powered by nature”. Further communication activities and videos will follow.


Press release (English version)
Press release (French version)
Press release (German version)
Press release (Italian version)

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