Eurosac in the media 18.01.2019

Catherine Kerninon, EUROSAC, and Elin Gordon, CEPI Eurokraft, present the results of a study by RISE which compared typical paper cement sacks and form-fill-seal (FFS) polyethylene cement sacks.

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Eurosac in the media 08.12.2017

Luis Elorriaga, EUROSAC president, provides insights into the development of the European paper sack market, innovations and growth opportunities for the future.

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Eurosac in the media 29.08.2017

BRUSSELS, June 29, 2017 (PPI Europe) - Eurosac members gather for annual meeting


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Eurosac in the media 01.04.2016

Catherine Kerninon, EUROSAC, France, and Elin Floresjö, CEPI Eurokraft, Sweden, provide an overview on the latest developments in the paper sack and sack kraft paper industry and present the results...

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Eurosac in the media 31.03.2016

The packaging of cement needs to meet several conditions. Not only are cement bags required to stand up against the everyday rigours of handling, they also need to protect the contents from...

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Eurosac in the media 02.07.2015

BRUSSELS, July 2, 2015 (PPI Europe) - Members of the European sack kraft paper industry gathered at Eurosac´s annual congress in Barcelona, Spain, on June 4-5, to examine ways to adapt and thrive in a...

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